Team Hoyt
Dick Hoyt opens a restaurant, "The Finish Line" in his home town (2009).
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Source: The MetroWest Daily News
Boston Marathon stalwarts Dick Hoyt, 72, and his son, Rick, 50, visit second and third graders at Hopkinton's Elmwood School. Rick, who was born with cerebral palsy, has been pushed by his father, Dick, in over 1000 races... More Go
A Boston Marathon marked by unusually high temperatures provided a memorable stage for the Hoyt Foundation Team, the dedicated runners who support Dick and Rick Hoyt, the legendary father-and-son, runner-and-wheelchair duo who have inspired countless people around the world... More Go
Source: The Bleacher Report
With each successive event where I am able to witness Dick and Rick Hoyt interact with a crowd, I become fearful that I'll eventually reach the bottom of my personal well of emotion... More Go
Source: Worcester Telegram & Gazette
Dick Hoyt has found another finish line, but the destination is just a quarter-mile from his home on the shore of Hamilton Reservoir. Mr. Hoyt purchased a seasonal drive-in restaurant... More Go
Source: New York Times
If you're a regular runner of marathons, you may have spotted Team Hoyt, a father-son racing team that has been taking part in road races since 1977. Rick Hoyt has had cerebral palsy since infancy... More Go
Source: Herald Tribune, Sarasota, Florida
It's funny, but you spend all those years running and the best moment comes when you're standing still. Rich Lomas was recently at the starting line for the famous Falmouth Road Race on Cape Cod... More Go
The most inspirational father-son racing team in the country - and maybe the world - will tune up for a milestone event right where things started. Dick and Rick Hoyt, whose racing career spans four decades... More Go
Source: Cool Running
John Hancock has added another dimension to its Marathon activities by sponsoring Team Hoyt. For over 30 years, Dick Hoyt has pushed or pulled his disabled son Rick through the finish lines of 25 Boston Marathons... More Go
Source: ESPN Olympic Sports
When Rick Hoyt developed cerebral palsy at birth in 1962 after his umbilical cord became wrapped around his neck, cutting off oxygen to his brain, doctors suggested to his parents that he be... More Go
Source: USA Today
Dick and Rick Hoyt have been running, competing and inspiring for 25 years. Father Dick has pushed, pulled and ridden with son Rick, born with cerebral palsy, in more than 900 events... More Go