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Team Hoyt New England
Throughout over 1100 races occurring over the past 30 years, Dick and Rick Hoyt have touched the lives of many around the world. Hailing from New England, it is only fitting that this duo has inspired the creation of Team Hoyt New England.

With a goal of ensuring that athlete riders across the New England states have an opportunity to roll with the wind much like Rick Hoyt continues to do, Team Hoyt New England aims to pair these amazing athlete riders with teammates from across New England. The goal is to not only carry-on the legacy of the Hoyts, but to also ensure that no single person is ever left on the sidelines.

Our Race Calendar

Our Board of Directors

Executive Director- Dick Hoyt
President- Carlos Garcia
Vice President- Dary Lopez
Treasurer - Pam Riel
Secretary- Tammy Stapleton

Team Hoyt NE Contact Information

General Email: teamhoytnewengland@gmail.com

Website: teamhoytnewengland.com

Team Hoyt/THNE
PO Box 33
Rochdale, MA 01542

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Team Hoyt New England
Team Hoyt New England
Team Hoyt New England
Team Hoyt New England
Team Hoyt New England