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What Others Are Saying
"I want to thank you for your recent visit to our John Hancock Eastern Region Workshop in Boston. Your story is truly inspiring and a great tribute to you as a caring, loving father. Your challenges certainly put into perspective the challenges we think are so overwhelming. Your determination, vision, desire to help others and most importantly, love for your son, is admirable."  
Steve Grant, John Hancock Insurance

Our company is always looking for unique ways to inspire and motivate our sales team. To give them a perspective on perseverance and challenging themselves.  At our National Sales Meeting Dick presented to our group and the impact was overwhelming. His message on Team Hoyt and their success and how it translates to real life day to day activities was extremely well delivered and well received.  We have had several speakers at meetings over the years and Dick Hoyt was by far our best!!
 Chad Waddell United Therapeutics

"I had the unbelievable privilege of hearing you speak at the College of the Holy Cross during my sophomore year and to watch you both compete in the Boston Marathon yesterday and I felt compelled to write to you to say thank you. I was a 6 ft 3 in, 285 lb offensive lineman at Holy Cross (Now 210 lb and preparing for the NYC Marathon, mainly because of the inspiration you two have given me!) who was supposed to be the big tough football player but was brought to tears after hearing your story. The wave of emotion did not come over me due to seeing Rick overcoming some obstacles that life has put in front of him because through my experiences watching you two run and reading articles about your lives it has become clear to me that Rick might be one the smartest and determined people around. It was due to the bond that you two clearly have together that drives you both to accomplish feats most would say are impossible. I may be young but I have been around long enough to know that world would be a lot better with many Dick & Rick Hoyts around."  

"I cannot imagine an audience that would not be inspired by Dick Hoyt. Athletes, moms, dads, special needs’ individuals—there is a powerful message for all. Not once did we hear intimidating, self-serving, boastful comments from Dick. His entire persona is one of humility; living a life of doing all within his power for his son."  

Kay Mathews, M. S, CCC-SLP-Executive Director/Speech Pathologist, Regional Rehabilitation Center

"I just wanted to personally express how much you impacted me, specifically my character, at the National Character and Leadership Symposium held at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Co. I grew up in the triathlon community as my father raced extensively during my youth, so I have heard a lot about your story. Despite my exposure to Team Hoyt, I never fully comprehended yours and Ricky’s story. At the NCLS I found myself absolutely captivated by your incredible devotion to your son, and moreover by Team Hoyt’s drive to battle for what is right and good in this world by illuminating individuals with disabilities as what they truly are: HUMANS LIKE EVERYONE ELSE." 

Best Regards, D.A.F.

“Thanks again for setting Dick up to speak with us. He really did a phenomenal job and our employees are still talking about him and his/Rick’s life. His message of YES YOU CAN is applicable in so many facets of life and his dedication and role as a father was touching to our entire organization. Please pass on our sincere appreciation and admiration.”  

 Nicole Salisbury, Site Human Resources Manager, Procter & Gamble 
 Andover Plant

"We LOVED the Team Hoyt event and Dick couldn’t have been any kinder or more gracious! His message is so in tune with the mission here at Mercy Medical Center! Dick signed autographs and spoke so kindly to everyone who wanted to meet him; the entire evening couldn’t have gone better and I am extremely glad to hear the Dick thought so too! Thank you for all your help behind the scenes and best of luck wherever Team Hoyt’s travel take them next – you have many in the greater Canton area who will be following this story closely for years to come. "
Laura Jo Hawk, 
Director of Fund Development Mercy Medical Center
John Hancock Insurance
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John Hancock has been proud to serve Team Hoyt as a corporate sponsor
 since 2008.
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