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The Hoyt Foundation
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Dick and Rick are forever grateful for the monetary donations that are made to help further the education of people living with disabilities to become active members of their communities. Since the inception of The Hoyt Foundation, Dick and Rick have been working tirelessly to improve the quality of life for those living with disabilities.

Your donation will go towards the many activities The Hoyt Foundation participate in to keep this education going.

You can choose between making a donation online through our certified PayPal account, or you may send a check to the mailing address below:

​Donations By Paypal:

Donations By Check:

Please make checks payable to “The Hoyt Foundation, Inc.” and mail to:

The Hoyt Foundation
241 Mashapaug Road
Holland, MA 01521
ATTN: Russ Hoyt

​Boston Children’s Hospital

The Augmentative Communication Program at the Boston Children’s Hospital is internationally known for working with children who have severe speech impairments, or are non-speaking.

This program specializes in using innovative technologies to help children impaired or non-speaking communicate. For nearly 25 years, Rick Hoyt has been an active participant in this program, and with their evaluation and treatment, he has been able to learn to “talk” through a computer developed by an extensive team of linguists and engineers.

The Augmentative Communication Program has transformed not only Rick’s communication abilities, but children all over the world who require specialized assistance as a non-speaking person, or even how to re-learn to speak after a traumatic injury. This program has proven that those with speech impairments are fully capable of inclusion in their communities, schools, and like Rick, athletics.

The Hoyt Foundation continues to support this program in their development of communication enhancements through donations, and encourages others to also help.

Learn more about the Augmentative Communication Program »
Rick Hoyt first learning how to use a computer that will help him communicate.
John Hancock Insurance
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John Hancock has been proud to serve Team Hoyt as a corporate sponsor
 since 2008.
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